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To prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), older men or boys prefer circumcision as it's easy to clean a penis without a foreskin. After, sexual intercourse, under the foreskin, bacteria, and infection can be a trap that causes foul smell and increase more changes of sexually transmitted disease (STDs).

In, newborn infant, the decision of circumcision is taken by parents due to family tradition or preventive care. Support of Anesthesia can be helpful if surgery is performed by the traditional method. Modern days have to make circumcision easier and pain-free by Laser surgery.


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Benefits of Laser surgery over traditional surgery

Short stay Surgery

Pain-free surgery

Easier procedure

Less risk of penis damage through the surgical blade

Minimal bleeding

No scar or wound

Faster process



Surgical Treatment and Expectation during Circumcision

In this surgery, the main procedure is the removal of the excess foreskin from the penis head (glans) and the left foreskin is freed from the penis collar.

In this procedure, the penis is numb by local or general anesthesia or numbing cream followed by cleaning of the penis. A ring or a clamp is attached to the penis to hold it strictly, while the doctor removes the excess foreskin and frees the foreskin for the penis collar. The penis will be covered by a medical gauge after applying ointment to relieve pain and petroleum jelly to stop bleeding.

Circumcision takes around 15-20 minutes in newborn babies and 60 minutes in adults.

Benefits of Circumcision

Reduce risk for Urinary tract infection and sexually transmitted infection

Reduce chances for penile cancer

Reduce chances of inflammation of glans (Balanitis) and inflammation of foreskin (balanoposthitis)

Reduce chances of inability to retract or fold down the foreskin (phimosis) and inability to fold up back the foreskin to its original location (paraphimosis).

Helps to clean the penis easily.

Frequently Asked Question

Circumcision is completely safe. Although in extreme cases there can be some difficulty.

Circumcision is performed by a pediatric urologist for children and a urologist surgeon for adults.

There can be a discharge of yellow liquid from the site where the foreskin is removed. Minor pain and pain in urination for 2-3 days can be noticed. In extreme cases, the infection can be noticed.

Yes. Local anesthesia is administered before surgery. Majorly numbing cream is rubbed over the penis to decrease the sensation of the penis.

Circumcision can be performed for religious or traditional culture in children, however, to prevent STDs and UTIs many adults get performed circumcision. In extreme cases in which the foreskin is not retracted or fold up back due to the thickness of the penis head (Glans), it is required.

Laser surgery is better than the traditional method. As it is a faster process with less pain and bleeding. It reduces the chances of infection by 80%.

Circumcision in newborn children is performed in a hospital after 2-3 days of their birth. The majorly trained pediatric urologist performs the circumcision. In newborn children, there is hardly any precaution required before circumcision. Before circumcision is performed, parents need to sign a consent form. For Adults, Circumcision is performed by a Urologist. Before the surgical process, Adults need to clean their penis with water and mild soap, to reduce the chances of infection.

Circumcision takes 6-8 days to heal. The penis should be washed with water and soap for few days, cloth or diaper should not be used to clean the penis. Apply petroleum jelly every day after rewrapping of gauge or change of diaper. Few drops of yellow liquid might be noticed or redness of penis. An adult male should take extra care for 2-3 days after the procedure. They should drink plenty of fluids after the procedure. They should wear loose and comfortable clothes and avoid tight jeans or clothing. It is important to complete the antibiotic dose prescribed by the doctor to reduce the chances of infection after surgery. Activities like bath, cycling or swimming should be avoided by boys and adults. They should start the activity by walking for 5-10 days initially but wait for at least 5 weeks for an activity like weightlifting or jogging. Reach your doctor if you notice post symptoms after 4-5 days of surgery: • Trouble in peeing • The unusual smell from the penis • Swelling • Bleeding • Fever • Blistering

Numbing cream is an anesthetic cream that is applied for plain-less surgery. It gains complete consciousness after 4-5 hours of surgery. There is no side-effect of numbing cream. These creams are also applied while sexual intercourse to increase the time between erection and ejaculation.

• Pain • Irritation of penis head (Glans) • Inflammation of meatus • Risk of bleeding • The foreskin might take a longer time to heal • The remaining foreskin might fold down and require short surgery later. • The size of the foreskin can be cut too short or too long • Risk of injury to the penis • Infection at the location of circumcision


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