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More About Adenoids

Adenoids are small patches of tissue located at the back of the throat in the human body. Tonsils and Adenoids are more similar to each other. Both are part of the immune system, which aids to prevent and fight major and minor infections in your body. Additionally, an adenoidectomy is a surgery to remove the adenoid glands. Sometimes they become swollen and enlarged or chronically infected, while adenoids help to guard the body against viruses and bacteria. This can be occur owing to some infections, allergies, or other reasons. Certain children may also be born with abnormally large adenoids.

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Diagnosis of Adenoid Treatment

  • A doctor may suggest the child to a specialized surgeon in ear, nose, and throat disorders. This type of doctor is known as an ENT specialist.
  • The surgeon will take all historical details of the child’s symptoms and perform a physical test that includes the back of the throat.
  • The surgeon possibly will use a tool that consists of a camera on the end of a lighted scope to look at the adenoids. He or she insert the scope from side to side of the nose.
  • Additionally, they may recommend a blood test to look for infection.
  • The surgeon might recommend a sleep study, in case the child has symptoms of a sleep disturbance. This can help indicate whether the symptoms relate to troubles in breathing during sleep or sleep apnea, which sometimes occurs with enlarged adenoids.


Adenoidectomy Procedures

  • An adenoidectomy is an uncomplicated, reasonably short procedure that generally done on an outpatient basis by a nose, ear, and throat (ENT) surgeon. For the procedure, your child will be placed under general anesthesia.
  • The doctor will widely open your child’s mouth with a retractor while the child is asleep (with the help of general anesthesia), and then remove the adenoids using one of several methods during surgery. Electrical device to help stop the bleeding which is use by surgeon.
  • After surgery, your child will then be taken to a recovery room until he or she awakens from the anesthesia. In many cases, most children will be able to return home on the day of their surgery.


Adenoidectomy Preparations 

The possibility of bleeding is more in mouth and throat in comparison with other parts of the human body, so your surgeon may request a blood test of your child to find out whether your child’s blood clots perfectly and if their red and white blood count is normal. It can help your child’s doctor to make sure that there won’t be excessive bleeding during and after the adenoidectomy. 

Don’t provide your child any medication that can affect blood clotting, such as ibuprofen or aspirin in the week before surgery. For the relief from pain, you may use acetaminophen. Moreover, talk with your surgeon, if you’re in doubt about which medications are appropriate.

Your child should have nothing to eat or drink after midnight in day before surgery include water. Give it to your child with a small sip of water, in case your doctor prescribes medication to be taken before the surgery.

Long Term Outlook

Adenoidectomies have a long history of excellent results. After surgery, most children:

  • Have fewer and milder throat infections
  • Have fewer ear infections
  • Breathe easier through the nose


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Recovery From Adenoidectomy

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